Introducing VirtuComics

VirtuComics is a blockchain based publishing house for NFT graphic novels and comic books. VirtuComics connects the world of traditional comic books with blockchain.

VirtuComics’ NFTs have actual utility. VirtuComics’ NFT holders will be granted a share in the profit, will co-create and develop the stories through DAO and will be the co-owners of graphic novels and comic books’ copyright. We are going to use an omnichain protocol.

We bring you unique graphic novels based on original scripts. We focus on collaboration with outstanding illustrators who provide unique graphic novels and comics.

The story does matter. They are supposed to entertain you as well as to move you, your heart and your mind. Our every story sends a message to the world. We add elements that will let the reader experience the characters’ path even more. That’s what VirtuComics’ stories are.


We love NFT technology. And we see a wider, actual utility for it. In the first phase, VirtuComics’ NFTs will have a few utilities, like: 1) a key to the content on the VirtuComics website, 2) the share in the profit, 3) DAO.

A magic key to VirtuComics’ world.

VirtuComics is a digital publishing house that will share graphic novels and comic books both produced by us as well as written by other authors, always making sure that the shared content is not only entertaining, but also raises important issues.

Content will only be available through the use of VirtuComics’ NFT, which is a key to a specific content. After reading a book, a holder can keep the NFT and use it an indefinite number of times, or can sell it, the same as people sell an ordinary book after reading it.

Everyone is welcome to have a share in VirtuComics’ cake.

VirtuComics’ NFT will not only allow its holder to get access to the content, but will also entitle each holder to rewards created from the profit from each project. We have rejected the currently popular method of artificially creating (in fact worthless and useless) tokens just to pay out staking rewards. The VirtuComics staking pool will be created and refilled from the sale of access to the content, issuing NFTs for next issues of comic books, participation in resale of NFTs, as well as from the sale of rights to use the characters in gaming, and even in the film industry. Each NFT class will give the right to a different profit share, the higher the class the bigger the share. More about the share in the profit in another article soon.

DAO, the Community is the author!

We are building DAO. Every VirtuComics’ NFT holder will have the right to vote in which direction the story will go. Everyone will be the author, everyone will be the owner, everyone is welcome to be creative. More about our concept of Creative DAO in another article soon.

And we are working on other possible usecases of our NFTs. As soon as any is confirmed it will be announced immediately.

Innovative approach

The technology that we are building on our website will not only allow NFT holders to read comics, but also to provide an unique experience. In addition to static pages, we are going to introduce animated elements. Moreover, a specially prepared soundtrack will change automatically, depending on which page is being read, to reflect the mood and the atmosphere of the story at a given moment.

At the same time, before publishing a given graphic novel, we build a community on Discord by maintaining the narrative of a given story. It will allow future readers get to know the world created in the story earlier, understand it, get to know the characters and their motivations, and — to some extent — influence what this world will be like.

VirtuComics projects

VirtuComics is currently working on 3 graphic novels: 1) YYhon, 2) The Last 12 Girls, 3) The Death Angel.


The story takes place in the year 2176, after the climate catastrophe, in NewPolis, the largest City-State on Earth. NewPolis is governed by an authoritarian caste system supported by the political police — OrderSquad. YYhon, the former OrderSquad Officer, fights against the unjust system that is trying to take away people’s freedom and establish total control over citizens. YYhon is deemed as a terrorist by the NewPolis goverment and its leader, SSarvadar.

The story consists of 4 issues: Issue#1: YYhon. Terrorist. Issue#2: YYhon. Pacifist. Issue#3: YYhon. Revolutionist. Issue#4: YYhon. Anarchist. The first two of them will be published in 2022.

More about the YYhon series in another article soon.

The Last 12 Girls

Earth no longer belongs to man, it is inhabited by another race, the Aliens. Humans are almost extinct. Only the last 12 girls are left on Earth. Each of them has outstanding combat skills. They are real warriors. But somewhere, on one of Aliens’ planets, there are still some men. But on which one? The last chance to avoid extinction of humans is the journey of The Last 12 Girls, to find men and create a cradle of the new human civilization. The girls start their journey around different worlds.

The story consists of 5 issues: Issue#1: Earth, Issue#2: Arh’Kana, Issue#3: Voltran, Issue#4: Herhex, Issue#5” The New World. The first issue will be published in 2022, the issues 2–4 will be published at the same time in Q1 2023.

More about the The Last 12 Girls series in another article soon.

The Death Angel

The story of Sham’ael, the Death Angel exiled to Earth. Sham’ael lives among people, he has been traveling the Earth for hundreds of years fighting evil. He cannot die, but he can be killed, as an outlaw sent from Heaven, he lost his immortality. He brings death to those who hurt others. An alternative version of the fight between the Good and the Evil, Heaven and Earth, and God and Lucifer.

The first issue of The Death Angel will be published in 2022.

More about the The Death Angel series in another article soon.


In Q2 2022 we’ve had a few goals that are already completed, some are still in progress: ending final versions of scripts, creating main characters for YYhon series, landing page, drawing YYhon series issue#1, building partnerships and the biggest event in this period: launch of NFT: YYhon series issue#1.

In Q3 2022 we are going to launch a content presenting platform, publish YYhon series: issue #1, launch of NFT: YYhon series issue#2, issue tokens (TBC), activate staking and work on next partnerships.

In Q4 2022 the most important will be finishing DAO building; but there are more stuff to be published in that period: publishing YYhon series: issue #2, launch of NFT: The Last12Girls series issue#1, publishing The Last12Girls series: issue#1, launch of NFT: The Dark Angel series issue#1,publishing The Dark Angel series issue#1 and entering the metaverse platform.

The next year (Q1 2023) will be started with launch of NFT: YYhon series issue#3 and #4 and publishing 2 last issues of YYhon series. We will also publish The Last12Girls series: issues#2–4 (all issues will be published at the same time.

… and ending VirtuComics introduction…

… we have a strong belief in the VirtuComics project, in blockchain technology and in the idea of building projects by communities. That is why our goal is to build DAO, to give everyone access to the ownership of stories and the possibility to co-create the histories and paths of characters.

We are very excited about the journey we started on a few months ago and to which we can now invite you. We know you will enjoy.

Marek Rybacki

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